All my sims are CC-free! To download click on the desired sim’s picture, then add them into your Savedsims folder. They will then be available in your CAS. If you want your sims to look exactly the same as in Suitor, you’ll need the same eye and skin defaults as I use.

Estellise Murphy

Estelle’s Necklace

A well educated young woman and governess to Marielle Harrington. Estelle is passionate and strongly principled, and values freedom and independence. As an illegitimate child, she has struggled through a nearly loveless childhood which has left her with a cynical edge, and she is known to frequently disparage her own self-worth.

Vaughn Afonsine

Vaughn’s Hair

The handsome Viscount of Moonlight Falls, Vaughn hails from the prestigious Afonsine family. He is a charming talker, a famous wit, and a brilliant intellect. Vaughn participates in polite society and attends parties as a matter of family obligation, however he finds these gatherings tedious and his peers dull. He enjoys scandalising society and he is known as Moonlight Fall’s foremost philanderer.

Charles Landgraab

Charles’ Hair

Charles is a reserved nobleman who is very much in demand on the marriage market due to his status as Count Landgraab. Perhaps because of this he tends to avoid social events, often despatching one of his three sisters to attend in his stead. Regardless, Charles intrinsically understands relationships, circumstances and the workings of society in a way that only an outsider can. With such an elusive nature, many question how he remains Vaughn Afonsine’s close confidant.

Marielle HarringtonMarielle’s Hair

The naïve and slightly shallow heiress to the Harrington family, Marielle is newly introduced into society and fresh to the marriage market. She was raised to conform to society’s strict code of what constitutes a ‘proper lady’; at times her excitable nature can undermine her training and reveal the child underneath.

Moiraine AfonsineMoiraine’s Hair

A French émigré, Moiraine is Countess Afonsine, the wife of Earl Afonsine and mother of Vaughn and Falcon. Vivacious and lively, she is known within society for her decadent parties and youthful appearance. Her first instinct is to be motherly as she nurtures everyone around her including those in lower social classes, leading many to consider her somewhat eccentric.

Falcon AfonsineFalcon’s Hair

The eldest son of Bartholomews and Moiraine Afonsine, Falcon is the heir to the Earldom and vast fortune of his family. Clearly his father’s favourite, Falcon never let this sour relations with his younger brother, Vaughn, with who he remains indelibly close. He has an artist’s soul and secretly holds ambitions to become a great writer.

Millerna Landgraab

Millerna’s Hair

The third of Charles’ sisters, Millerna Landgraab wears a cold, haughty mask because she has a secret to hide: an unfulfilled love and a great passion that both led to heartbreak. To the outside world, Lady Millerna seems to be little more than an unpleasant member of high society, watched and talked about by the public as though she is greater than life. In reality, she has a very human, very messy past that throbs beneath her unshakeable exterior.

Bartholomews Afonsine

Bart’s Facial Hair

Scheming and manipulative, Bartholomews is the current head of the Afonsine family. In recent years, his health has declined and he has become housebound. Although he defers the running of his estates to his wife, he is far from being disengaged from the world. He relishes the power of his control over his son Vaughn, and the secrets his servants give him.

Edmure Venture

Edmure’s Hair

Lord of the wealthy Venture estates, Edmure is a generous, though somewhat conventionally minded, nobleman. He is Estelle’s biological father. Somewhat out of character for Edmure, he ensured that Estelle was very well educated. However, he never acknowledged Estelle as his daughter and relegated her to the position of house maid for much of her childhood.

Luminista Murphy

Luminista’s Hair

A beautiful and mysterious Roma gypsy and Estelle’s biological mother. Luminista held progressive ideals about the roles of women in society that were often considered controversial. She left Moonlight Falls without notice and never returned, leaving a multitude of questions in her wake.


2 responses to “Downloads/Bios

  • Renske

    Omg, could you please upload Falcon? He is one of the most perfect sims I’ve ever seen !
    Btw I am really in love with your stories, your sims are just beautiful and look so realistic and you write so so so good!

    • Becki

      Wow, thanks for the compliments! Of course I’ll upload Falcon for you! I have been meaning to update the downloads page, but I’ve just been feeling sooooooo lazy ;P

      I’ll upload them in a little while, so keep your eyes open!

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