This is a historical romance set in Moonlight Falls. With the gothic undertone of Moonlight Falls, I decided I could base this in a period setting where I could use old school phrases like “wool-gathering”, “chit” and “poppycock”. I based the society on my extremely vague knowledge of Victorian England.

Naturally this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s probably the most fun I’ve had writing a story – and so educational too! (I just love trips to Wikipedia, don’t you? Bet you didn’t know I was researching things like “Astronomy 1800s” and “Viscounts” to write this…)

Tips for Jargon:

Tip one! – Viscount is pronounced “Vye-count”. Yeah, I made that mistake too.

Tip two! – The “ton” refers to the social elite of the Regency era (just in case you spend the whooole time wondering what the bloody hell I’m talking about).

Tip three! – Please excuse any shameful grammatical errors where French is concerned. Ok, so not really a tip, but there you go!


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