Another Vote!

Yes, I’m posting another vote. I have some ideas flying about but I just can’t decide what direction I want to go in, so I thought, why not ask you guys? 

Now, I don’t want to give  too much away about the next chapter, but there will have been a slight time-skip… therefore, I need to resolve the issue of whether or not Estelle is pregnant.




(Not to bias your decision or anything….

… but how cute would the offspring of these two be?!?!?!)




11 responses to “Another Vote!

  • LilyParker

    I totally agree that Vaughn and Estelle would make beautiful babies! However, I voted ‘no’ because I don’t want Estelle’s pregnancy to factor into whether or not they get married. I want them both to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they’re marrying the other for love … and nothing else. And, that’s why I call myself ‘the hopeless romantic.’

    BTW, the more modern version of Vaughn & Estelle are stunning!

    • Kattie

      I agree! Yet another hopeless romantic…!

    • Becki

      Hey, thanks for voting Lily! I know what you mean, it’s why I put the vote up there, because I thought all the same things you’ve just put forward.

      Haha, I love them so much ~ making them over has become a bit of an obsession ;P

  • marsar2

    I voted “no” too, another hopeless romantic here ;).

  • omalicious

    Definitely NO. I’m certainly not a hopeless romantic. Rather a realist who would prefer he fights for her because he loves her and not because she carries his child. A pregnancy would tip the scales unfairly.

  • krissymonett

    Just want to point out, he’s already ready to fight for her as he just thrown away his dad’s proposal and could get disowned.

    Also that they are marrying for love, there is already going to be discrepancies about him marrying her for her newfound wealth and title.

    So her being pregnant doesn’t ruin much of anything as it is already a problem of her inheritance.

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