Chapter 6

Screenshot-53“I daresay she should see right through you, Vaughn.”

Vaughn’s smirk came easily.

“I daresay you’re right. But what she should do and what she shall do are two very different ideals, are they not?”

Screenshot-37The friends were in the library of his fashionable country estate, apparently conducting a business meeting, although, naturally, they were doing nothing of the sort.

Screenshot-46“You seem very sure of her intentions… Surely you know better than to second-guess what a woman is thinking.”

Vaughn looked up from their stalemate game to regard his friend knowingly.

“Women are simple, Charles. Far more simple to understand than you and I.”

Screenshot-40“Only the ones you’ve bedded thus far, I suspect.”

The Landgraab heir retorted.


Vaughn frowned as Charles’ nonchalantly moved a knight.

“And what do you think that implies?”

Screenshot-51“Oh, of course. It means all women are exactly the same. How could I have missed that?”

Charles drawled.

Screenshot-49“That’s not what I meant.”

Vaughn replied.

“Of course, women are not all the same.”

Screenshot-58He formed a lop-sided smile before adding:

“Some of them require flowers before agreeing to a tumble.”

Deftly, he placed a bishop, sensing victory.

Screenshot-43“You know, Geoffrey told me he saw you watching her at the Dubois’ ball, Vaughn, this governess of yours. And, from what I’m told, I can tell you now, she’s different.

She’s different, and you know it.”

Screenshot-48Vaughn’s smile slowly fell.

Just what had Geoffrey been saying? Ridiculous!

Screenshot-44“I confess, I can’t quite decide who you are trying to deceive more right now, Vaughn.

Is it me, or yourself?”

Screenshot-41Vaughn scowled.

Of course he hadn’t been watching her!  She was just another woman. Just part of his plan. He could never think of her as anything more than that.

Screenshot-62Charles Landgraab simply smiled, then moved a piece on the board.


Quelle chance! Mon fils est devenu une statue.”

Vaughn blinked and looked around at the sound of his mother’s lilting French, raising an eyebrow at her playful expression before turning back to stare at the rain pelting on the window.

Quelle chance.”

He replied, blandly.

Moiraine sighed, her playful expression slipping into one of concern.

Chéri, you have been like this for days now. Tell me what is wrong…”

Moiraine crossed the room and sat down. The switched from her native tongue into an English accent was so flawless that Vaughn understood why sometimes the ton found it hard to believe she was a French émigré.

She sighed at his continued silence. “Please, Vaughn…”

Vaughn remained silent for a moment longer before he exhaled loudly.

“I’m fine.”

He even managed to summon a brief smile, utterly forced from the depths of his terrible mood.

In reality he was not ‘fine’. His thoughts were as heavy and dark as the rainclouds that had covered their country estate for the past week.

In reality, Vaughn Afonsine had ceased to be ‘fine’ a long, long time ago…

“Well, try to cheer up before the guests arrive, darling. You’ll never find a wife looking so miserable!”

Tonight, undoubtedly, would be another filled with dozens of unmarried chits vying for his attentions, making shameless suggestions towards him.

Once he would have taken one or two up for a fews days’ entertainment, but it seemed to him that he would not be so easily entertained this time.

Something within him had resigned itself to the fact that women were dull, mindless things who could no better amuse him than a particularly dry slice of cake, and he was quite sure that nothing could change his mind.

Nothing and nobody.

screenshot-442Charles’ words circled through his head.

“I can’t decide who you are trying to deceive more, Vaughn. Is it me, or yourself?

She’s different, and you know it.”

Moraine looked to her son, who had turned to stare broodingly into a bookcase.

“Well, what are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to prove that bastard wrong.” he murmured to himself.

Damn Charles. Damn him to hell.

14dc5924-c9d5-40c9-8f34-4b92bf5027a1_zps941d041aNothing would change his mind.

Not even one, highly-opinionated, governess…

A/N: French translation –

Vaughn’s mother says: “What are the chances? My son has turned into a statue!” To which Vaughn blandly replies: “What are the chances?”


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